The Most Valuable Reward for an EntreMusicians with a Great Mentor is the immediate ability to apply Their Knowledge & Wisdom into Your Life and Work.

Gratefully I’ve been under the guidance of Bishop David L. Thomas for 14 years.  His Leadership has helped Sharpen Me in practically Every Area of My Life. I frequently enjoy applying his pastoral teachings into my career with great success. As You Know, working with, for and around Creatives takes patience, diplomacy and keen people skills. Several years ago Bishop taught a series on ‘Three C’s to Live By’ that continues to impact my perspective. For True Collaboration to Reach its Highest Distinction, You May Do Well In Exercising these Three Treasured “C’s” as I have:

  1. Don’t Compare!

    Comparison is akin to a Two-Headed Monster which can actually consume you internally, although you are outwardly focused on the talents or skill of another.

    Firstly, You have that Big Head that says “I Am The Best,” “No One Is Better than I” and You develop an attitude that causes you to berate others, overly analyzing what or how they ‘destroyed’ a Song or Project and what YOU would’ve done to blow the thing out of the water. Unfortunately, we’ve all been around people like this and most of us have looked for the quickest exit to either leave the conversation or the room.

    The Little Headed Monster is More Subtle, but Equally As Dangerous. He whispers how horrible You are, compared to this or that singer – and recites the huge list of things you are horrible at. She whines that she didn’t go to music school, or can’t afford the $5000 guitar and can never catch a break while her counterparts are soaring. Eventually this person throws the Ultimate Pity Party which often attracts a full room of crybabies who should otherwise be grateful for the gift they’ve received and sharpen their skills to share it with the world.

  2. Don’t Compete!

    Healthy Competition is Great! It is downright Essential In Business and In Sports. There are Myriad of Stories of How Great Recording Artists would strategically either release their records in advance of, or several weeks after a Huge Artist, so they wouldn’t get crushed on the charts which proved to be a sound business move.

    But there has also been unhealthy forms of competition in the Creative World that seek to Steal, Kill & Destroy the Soul of their fellow Musicians. It’s Downright Hateful and No Self Respecting EM should continue to participate in that type of activity.

    Some Artists use their creativity to freeze out other Musicians – primarily out of envy. They won’t share information, resources or opportunities, preferring to hoard everything. This behavior emanates from a “Lack Mentality.” These Artists don’t understand that there is infinite space in the Entertainment Community and the World is always awaiting the Next New Sound, Look or Experience. True EntreMusicians operate with an ‘Open Hand.’

    We Look for ways we are able to  EngageEncourage & Empower Each Other!

  3. Don’t Criticize!

    This final behavior engages the Vocal Chords of the previous two. The Artist simply MUST make their observations known to anyone who will listen, often growing more venomous as the crowd swells. You & I have seen Tweets, FB Live Footage and Instagram posts of horrible and often unwarranted criticism of someone who is either out there doing their absolute best or taking a completely different approach to the muse – only to be hammered for their individuality. Remember Fergie?

    Regrettably, I have been around more seasoned musicians who will attend the show of a far lesser known artist and rip apart their performances as if they have always played perfect shows, sing on key or perform awesome solos every single night. They rip apart the newbies and feel great about it.

    Truthfully, there have been several times where I have found myself in each of these three camps. If I were not voicing my negativity, I was certainly thinking it – and to be completely transparent, I am sure my attitude at the time may have cost me a connection or opportunity to advance.

    By God’s Grace, I have developed a more healthy respect for every EntreMusician I encounter, even if I don’t necessarily agree with their viewpoint or values. There is a wealth of maturity in Staying in Your Lane, Improving Your Gift and Sharing the Most Positive Energy You Have the Capacity to Produce!

Don’t Compare, Don’t Compete, Don’t Criticize! (video)


Start a Radical Movement

Create a Brand New Genre

Protest Unfair Government & Corporate Practices


Compose the Next Timeless Ballad

Write the New Anthem for World Peace

Encourage the Hopeless, Helpless and Homeless

Expose Evil


Shout for Justice, Freedom & Equality

Cross Cultural Boundaries

Sing Out for Love...Again

Build Collaborative Platforms


Represent the Unrepresented

Cultivate Community

Show Us All The Way

Don’t Just Make Music...

Make a Difference

I was listening to Roy Hargrove’sMoment to Moment” with Strings as I wrote this.

May He Rest In Peace…


Bands come in all shapes, sizes and denominations.

The definition of what constitutes a group of musicians & singers recording and performing together over a period of time is as varied as there are musical genres. Very rarely is there a purely democratic situation.

Often One or Two members maintain the band’s direction and everyone else plays supporting roles –or perhaps there is an employer\employee relationship which navigates necessary personnel changes per project. Whatever configuration your group falls into, it’s extremely difficult to function as a band without at least three elements engaged:

1) A Shared Vision

2) A Love for the Music

3) A Mutual Respect for Each Member

Even under the direction of an employer, If you are unable to capture–and buy into–the Leader(s) and his/her/their overall vision, it’s going to be extremely hard to convey and express their wishes in the studio and on stage. If you are dealing with music that you feel is ‘beneath you,’ unprofessional or even perhaps, counters your personal convictions, it will be a constant struggle to perform at your best. The issue of respecting the people you work with or for, runs so deep that even the world’s best studio musicians are not able to perform their best if they have to bite and chew their tongues during a session.

Furthermore, your ability to travel from city to city, sharing personal space with anyone you can hardly stand for more than 17 minutes takes a huge toll. The best bands, regardless of their status, fame or organizational structure have learned how to bring out the best in each other, quell tensions in tough situations and overcome disagreements.

At the outset, they believe in what they are doing. They believe in each other and despite what may be obvious differences, they have learned to lay them down for the benefit of all concerned. The best bands hang out like family. Because They Are. The perils of the road, long nights and layovers in strange cities create emotional security, strengthen relationships and ultimately the music. A Genuine Appreciation for One Another and a High Regard for the Work You are creating together are the essential ingredients for success and longevity.

Music is Spirit. The Listener can hear beyond the Rhythms, Harmonies & Melody. They tap into the Soul and complex synergy of musicians who are on one accord. An Audience can tell when something doesn’t “feel” right on stage. We can sense the tension between members and immediately know when the act is ‘phoning the performance in,’ no matter how perfectly they play the notes.

A Band that transparently expresses Love, Commitment and Unity to its fan base even before the very first note is struck will ignite an audience instantly and have no trouble bringing the house down because Unity is Contagious!

Are You in a Band of Sisters and/or Brothers or are you just a Group of Others?


Dated chases Fads, Trends and the Latest Fashion

Timelessness contains Innovation, Creativity & Will

Dated is based on Beats, Loops & Sampling

Timelessness maintains Harmony, Natural Rhythm & Melody

Dated fluxes Gossip, Heresy & Innuendo

Timelessness sustains Truth, Principles & Wisdom

Dated vacillates Fame, Fortune & Fears

Timelessness breeds Encouragement, Wealth & Security

Dated is Upgrading Disposable Technology

Timelessness is Ever Expanding Imagination that can’t be Bottled, Bought or Sold

Dated is a Shortsighted One Hit Wonder

Timelessness is Music that transcends Generations

Dated is Hatred

Timelessness is Love

It's All You Have

It's All You Have

Unless you have shut down all social, terrestrial and relational media, you could not have missed the long winded, ever evolving story of one such celebrity, for reasons unclear to anyone anywhere, who concocted an outlandish story of physical & verbal assault which has now been systematically dismantled and may have cost this person both their career and incarceration.

New Directions in Honesty

New Directions in Honesty

If you’ve been following my musings for any length of time, you’d soon know that I am not at all a fan of Spotify or any of her ugly butt stepchildren who line up behind her promising all artists ever where a greater degree of exposure in lieu of actual money. Not that I am at all against streaming technology, which is arguably a better vehicle than that of downloads or traditional predecessors, with respect to True Audiophiles and with exception to the “Death of Access” we all face, because as we no longer own any physical, tangible artistry, we are left subject to the whims of Big Brother who doles out only what He wants us to digest.

The Flexible Entremusician

The Flexible Entremusician

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Happy NOW Year!

Happy NOW Year!

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The Majestic Wonder of Music!

The Majestic Wonder of Music!

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Your Music Is Not For Everybody

Your Music Is Not For Everybody

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