Fall In...

Much time has passed since writing for this blog. One week away quickly turned into thirteen and summer is no more. Leaves are on the ground. It’s Growing Colder. We have released the “Fizh&Gritz” project and are very excited about all the noise we all made and the buzz the album is making.

While mixing, remixing and performing odd pizza eating experiments, we were discussing the never ending battles of EntreMusician woes. By the way, Apple Music hasn’t saved the world and it’s obvious that making a physical CD is hardly worth the effort, unless you are over 50. The current word on the street is that most people are too impatient to wait 14 seconds for a download and are either too cheap to spend the once coveted $0.99 cents per single and/or have found the all you can eat $9.99 monthly subscription their best bang. So we decided to “Fall In” line, despite our personal objectives and not leave any money on the table this time, even the 0.0007 per stream. We did press a few CDs, because six people asked for them and we signed up with Spotify through gritting teeth…

Our biggest question is always WHY? Why do Musicians & Vocalists do absolutely everything we do to Make a Successful Recording? Why rise before dawn to overdub trumpet and synths parts. Why stay up till past dawn to pour over every single track at the darkened Listen Studios for hours on end? Why beg, bargain and barter with special guest artists who agree to join us in this madness we call music! WHY??

Because we’re Musicians. 

Because we LOVE what we do. Because we couldn’t fathom any other way of life and if we were not able to do this, you might as well plan our funerals.

Because being able to receive a melodic download from the Most High and frame it around rhythms, harmonies and funky motifs where silence once existed is to Actually Live Life! It’s breathing. It’s Purpose in Motion.

So what, we sell seventeen CDs. It’s Gas Money… Who cares if we don’t become as famous as ____________. It doesn’t matter if this is another slow, grinding process of gigging every where we can so somebody, anybody will know that this music exists! 

Or maybe, just maybe we do exceed everyone’s erroneous expectations and blow up like we imagine we deserve, breaking records and winning multiple awards, affording us the legendary lifestyles we’ve seen on documentaries. It wouldn’t matter at all, because that’s not what keeps us in the game!

“Did You Hear That?!?” “Play That Back!” “That’s Too Much Reverb!” “Wait, I Can Do that line much better!

Making Music is Our Language of Love. To express the corners and canals of our hearts is manna from heaven.

Matters Not the Cost or the Result…We Fall In!