It's All You Have

Unless you have shut down all social, terrestrial and relational media, you could not have missed the long winded, ever evolving story of one such celebrity, for reasons unclear to anyone anywhere, who concocted an outlandish story of physical & verbal assault which has now been systematically dismantled and may have cost this person both their career and incarceration.

Although a multifaceted personality with millions of admirers, this person chose to use their incredibly significant platform to expose themselves to the entire world as having no credibility. In the end, their political persuasion, ethnicity and orientation made no difference; A Lie Is Always A Lie!

Think about the ramifications of what this means. Consider the many years of planning, preparing, rehearsing, auditioning and honing your craft, gainfully employed in your chosen profession only to be dismissed within in a matter of a few minutes because of your own stupidity. Contemplate the “lucky” breaks and wonderful “connections” you’ve garnered over time to get where you were – although YOU had to deliver the goods week after week, night after night. Now you’re the butt of a million memes and Your Name becomes forever synonymous with a fraudulent hate crime which disparages true victims of such malicious activity.

Your gift, talent and/or charisma will never make up for your character. It’s been proven throughout the annals of history. Your Integrity is All You Have. Your Word is Worth More than any Fame, Fortune, Fans or Followers. Truth is Never Relative, Never Experiential, Never Sensational. Truth is Always Absolute – Generally Straightforward & Plain, Unassuming. Truth Doesn’t Draw Attention to Itself. It Stands Firm & Resolute and Will Not Stumble or Bend against any Intense Scrutiny or Investigation.

EntreMusicians Are Men & Women of Integrity. We’re Not Perfect, But We Keep It 100. When We Mess Up, We Fess Up. When We Make Mistakes, We Ask for Forgiveness. When We Offend, We Apologize.

We Know Our Word is All We Have. 


I was listening to George Duke’s “Follow The Rainbow” while posting this…