New Directions in Honesty

If you’ve been following my musings for any length of time, you’d soon know that I am not at all a fan of Spotify or any of her ugly butt stepchildren who line up behind her promising all artists ever where a greater degree of exposure in lieu of actual money. Not that I am at all against streaming technology, which is arguably a better vehicle than that of downloads or traditional predecessors, with respect to True Audiophiles and with exception to the “Death of Access” we all face, because as we no longer own any physical, tangible artistry, we are left subject to the whims of Big Brother who doles out only what He wants us to digest.

I’ve likened this scarcity of indie artist/songwriter royalty payments per stream to the 1955 Montgomery Bus Boycott, where Black People (in our analogy the indie artist/songwriters) were forced to sit in the Back of the Bus (herein the streaming service/distribution system) to take them where they needed to be. Of course, in that city, in that day, Caucasians (Huge Stars/Record Companies) were guaranteed a seat at the Front of the Bus– or anywhere they chose, forcing the Black Man, Woman or Child to stand in deference. In our scenario, as often seen on streaming sites, there are always the pictures of the “Stars,” from The Stones & The Beatles with photos from the 60’s (like they’re brand new acts) to The Current Flavors, with the always present nod to that one New Unknown, who was discovered right outside of Monowi, Nebraska, who was streamed over 13 million times through the magic of her Instagram account which she started six months ago, so we sheep can keep believing the dream that our day is coming too…

Meanwhile, back in Montgomery, someone decides to stand up – or rather, stay seated and buck the longstanding systemic tradition of discrimination. You Should Upload Your Picture Here: ___________

Slowly, a trend is developing online of Indie Artists who are now repositioning their music on their own servers & sites. Many have decided to place a higher price tag on their music than the present bus system sets and are seeing a proper penny for their endeavors. This means Value is returning to the market place for Songwriters & Recording Artists. You Should Yell Amen Here:­­­­­­­­­­­­­­______________

While these Artists admit that this process is much longer and incredibly harder, as did those who chose to get off the buses and walk, they admit the journey to the destination is sweeter because in the end they own their destiny and the tribe they’re building. In the process, they may even bring the entire bus system to a halt. Can Anyone Say “Boycott?”

 You Should Write That Word In Here:__________


My Thoughts were Encouraged & Influenced by this great article in Downbeat!

I was not listening to any music as I wrote this…a rarity…