Since the very first note was struck, Musicians have grappled with the contention of making music from the bottom of their hearts or solely for the attention of their audiences. The entire industry of managers, agents, promoters, publicists, publishers, record companies and the army of attorneys was created to make sense (or otherwise take advantage) of the complex marriage of art and commerce.

EntreMusicians face this battle daily. We must continually create marketing platforms for our music or forfeit eating. We walk an ultra-thin tightrope, without the safety net of the aforementioned “experts.” We must balance ‘left brain’ cells to make those follow up calls, emails, texts and constantly promote with the ‘right brain’ activity of creating the work. Furthermore, we endure the tension of choosing synth patches and drum patterns that fit popular formats countered with revealing our purest notions.

Rare is the artist who stands emotionally naked in front of their audience to bear their true soul. Few are the musicians who completely ignore the boxes of the business to blaze their own paths. Far more sporadic are the audiences who appreciate and support such honesty, so the cycle perpetuates. Many give up, give in or give out.

Courage requires of us to expose and share what has been placed deep within. Bring it to the surface. Unedited, Unbiased and Uncompromising. That “Thing” only You were meant to do. That “Sound” that is uniquely yours demands to be heard, be it the 240 club hoppers who socialize through your set, or the 24 true listeners who cling to your every riff, You must be YOU!

Courage cares less about You making a name for yourself, than it does You leaving a legacy others revere. Courage desires that every ounce of musical treasure inside You reverberate around the earth, even if not discovered in your lifetime. You’ve been given 10,000 songs and not every one was meant for mass consumption, but each one was meant to change someone’s life, if only one person at a time.

Courage demands intentional non-conformity presented in a way that inspires the best in others.

That’s Quite A Feat…

Are You Among The Courageous?