I have always believed that there were standards, even when I wasn’t living by them.

I have always believed in Absolute Truth even when I was lying.

I’ve always believed that a people left to their own opinions, biases and feelings without the guide of a moral, ethical and/or legal compass would sink into a pit of sloppy degradation, even when I was an outlaw.

I did not know I would witness such a rapid decline in social and civil norms dissipating into outrage.

Yes, I did participate once upon a time. I admit it.

And, out of respect, or seemingly so, I remained quiet. I did not wish to offend anyone.

I didn’t take long to realize silence wasn’t solving anything.

The proverbial “they” would continue to advance an agenda that I not only disagreed with but overwhelmingly did not wish to support in my school, business, church or home. My grocery store, public parks, museums, ice cream shop, movie theater and gym were all fair game - more so, welcoming an ideology that is hellbent on obfuscating mores and sacred traditions that developed the best in people.

So I spoke up.

“Fizh & Gritz” is a piece of music that questions the status quo, challenges the opposing voices and stands up for absolute, unadulterated, truth with grace, spoken in love!

It’s My First Solo Project. Available for Streaming & Downloads

I’d Love For You To Check It Out!