Make the Decision Before You Have To

The Life of the EntreMusician is immersed in Decisions. Unlike many, we are forced to walk the tightrope of both brain hemispheres, carefully balancing our abstract creative with logistical, systematic thinking, so when esoteric opportunities arise – and they definitely will – we may be caught off guard trying to navigate between what’s better and what’s best.

Making Time to Think Through Tough Decisions, both Personal & Professional, Before They Present Themselves, Not Only Provides You A Wonderful Head Start in Goal Setting, It Increases Your Efficiency because You’ve Settled Many of the Questions on The Front End.

Motivational Speaker & Teacher, Jim Rohn was noted for always asking the question, “When Should You Begin Your Day?” and then answering emphatically, “After You’ve Finished It!” He would continue forward with the week, month and year(s) ahead. Dr. Stephen R. Covey convinced us that Every Thing is Actually Invented Twice – Even Thrice, Once In A Person’s Mind (Imagination), Then Onto Paper (Planning) and finally Manifestation (Implementing). As EntreMusicians, our Main Objective is to Effectively Execute Projects we have Pre-determined as Best for Us!

I Only Do This Type of Show – Music - Performances

This is My Audience – They Are Not

I Will Only…

I Will Always…

I Will Never…

Narrow casting Our Decisions down to the thinnest layers of descriptions will keep us grounded, motivated and focused to stay the path we have planned for ourselves. When an obscure option presents itself out of the blue, we are very comfortable saying Yes or No, confident we have not compromised our mission or integrity.

It will be different for each one of us – based upon our personal principles, values, goals and/or life stages; so it is vital we do not compare or try to “keep up” with what our contemporaries may be doing. I realized early on that as our family grew, I couldn’t be out on the road as much as I wanted to be, even though it meant turning down what appeared to be more lucrative options financially. Being a Husband & Father, In the Home, was far more inviting to me than Face Timing my Wife & Daughters from various cities and wondering if or when Lori would finally have enough of it. So I did not lament my decision; I limited my performances and I am very grateful I did. Now that they are all adults, Lori & I are making the Next Round of Decisions.

Absolutely Every Thing is a Trade Off! So Decide Now! John Maxwell reminds us, “You Have to Give Up Before You Go Up!” Yet once you’ve chosen wisely, in advance, you’ll never regret your growth, stamina & potency because you’ve made the decision before you had to.