EntreMusician of the Month

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Born in the backwoods of Seabeck, WA young Carey Rayburn made his escape to the big city of Seattle at the young age of 18 to enroll in the music department at the University of Washington. After receiving his bachelor's degree in Trumpet Performance and his masters in accruing student debt, Carey struck out to make his fortune in music. A huge fan of Electronica, Traditional Jazz, and swing dancing, when a friend introduced him to the new sounds of Electro Swing filtering in from Europe he was hooked. Having spent so many nights playing jazz, rock, salsa, and classical in Seattle he knew just who to call to assemble the band that would go on to become Good Co, the United States' first live Electro Swing band. Carey now spends his time composing for, performing with, and managing the band as well as maintaining a trumpet studio in Seattle and performing as a freelance musician and composer.